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Fashion Shamballa Change Color Mood Bead Bracelets Wholesale

Fashion Shamballa Change Color Mood Bead Bracelets Wholesale
Model No.: YH2022
Wholesale Shamballa Change Color Mood Bead Bracelet. This mysterious mood bead bracelet is thermo-sensitive and continuously change colour with subtle temperature variations, ranging from black (when in the freezer!) through all the hues of the rainbow.
Size: 19~23cm Adjustable Length
Weight: 30.00
Material: nylon string, change color mood beads
MOQ: 5 Pcs
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
5 + US$ 6.00
20 + US$ 4.80
50 + US$ 4.00

Product Information:

This Shamballa Mood Bead Bracelet that change color to match your own mood! Our mood beads, also called Mirage beads, Add a bit of nostalgia to your designs with our popular shamballa mood bead bracelet. Inspired by the mood bracelet of the '70s, thermo-sensitive liquid crystal beads change color as you wear them. Our Original Beautifully-translucent Mirage Mood Beads glow like gems!

1. Feature: Each Fashion Shamballa Change Color Mood Bead Bracelets Wholesale made by high skilled worker, it is all handmade weave. Quality is excellent and I am sure you will be satisfied. ALL pictures are 100% legitimate and the way the bracelets in the pictures look is the way your merchandise will look. I ASSURE YOU!. 
2. Material: 1.5mm nylon string, change color mood mirage beads, gold plated brass beads
3. Bead Measurements: 12 10.3*9.7mm mood Beads + 2 8mm gold plated brass Beads + 1 6.3*6.3mm mood bead, Please see pictures for 100% accurate description.
4. Type: Manual Toggle.
5. OEM: If you don't see what you want, sent me an e-mail. I can probably make it for you. Just keep in mind that custom orders can take up to 4 weeks. Wholesale more Shamballa Bracelets, you will get more discount, pls browse our Discount Policy .

More information:

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